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Agents-anyone hear of Bodyline?

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Hi there

Has anyone dealt with Bodyline for Thailand? What about other agents? The only ones that are on the ball are the ones that want to charge you and arm and a leg,,,like Global Medical Travel,,costs $200 per day for their services plus accommodation. I am sure that after a few days the $200 is just for accommodation because once you are healing you probably just have their cell phone.

Anyways I am having problems getting straight answers from people. I send photos (face lift,,eyes, forehead, nose and cheek implants) and they say they will submit it to their surgeon. Well most places have a lot of their prices on their website so I just ask how much the cost is for the (say facelift was missing on Vethanji website) and they say they will send my pics off and wait for a surgeon. I had to ask 3 times,,,just give me an estimate,,,they do this day in and out why can't they just give me an estimate?? I was chatting with one lady and I asked her THREE times,,,are the prices on the website accurate? She said "no". Finally a straight answer.

So the pics are sent off to the surgeon with my questions, but then I get a quote on half the stuff I want. For instance I waited about a week for a quote,,,and I put all the stuff above in my request.I got a quote back for a face and neck and nose job. I asked the patient coordinator, where is the quote for the eyes and the forehead? He said the surgeon doesn't think you need a forehead lift, and he wants to wait for the consult to tell you how much skin that you need removed from your eyelids.

This is not acceptable. I need to know how much it costs because if it costs too much I will move on.

Anyone have this frustration with dealing with Thailand??


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