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breastfeeding currently and wanting BA.

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Hi, I'm new! I am a Mum in Melbourne, and I am breastfeeding my almost 1 year old son but I want to get a BA and lift at the end of this year, I haven't had a consult with anyone yet because I wanted to lose the last bit of my baby weight and stop feeding before seeing anyone, as my breasts change dramatically when I stop feeding so I figure it would be a waste of time to see anyone before they go back to their horrible shape. Does anyone have experience with BA right after breastfeeding??

How long would I have to wait after I finish up feeding? A friend is going overseas to get her BA done and was told 12 months after feeding or you can risk infection but I didn't know if that is because it is more risky overseas? I will be getting it done here, not overseas.

Should I go to any consults now anyway, or is it better to wait until I have weaned and my breasts have gone back to normal?

Thanks for any answers!:D

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I was asked if I had stopped breast feeding 12 months or more at my consult. I had a reduction and lift tho not a BA.

12 months sounds right for a BA as your breasts do change a lot in that time after you finish breast feeding.

I wouldn't stop breast feeding now tho just to get a BA at the end of the year. Maybe just put the BA off

Best thing is to talk to a surgeon and see what they recommend

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