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Hi ladies,

I have been reading your post for the last 6 months... And it's been fabulous to gain so much information... This is my first post :) I had my consult on Monday 4th and my PS has offered me 500cc high profile, round, smooth implants. I'm a deflated A (no upper pole) after breast feeding my daughter and would like DD's. Do you think 500cc is to big?? I want big boobs but not porn star boobs!!

Any feedback would be appreciated x

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500c is large but pornstar boobs are HOT lol but I don't recon they will be that big , about a week after BA u have crazy thoughts brought on by boob greed like I could have gone waaaay bigger ;)

I have 380cc and am about a D/DD but started at a deflated B so I think u might end up with more of an E... But best girls with similar stats to u lend their experience. Whatever ur PS reccomends is best, they know allot more than us

Congratulations xxx

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Hi Miss Brooklyn,

I agree with Amelia that you do get used to the size very quickly and sometimes feel the dreaded boobie greed! I could have gone bigger too (I got 365cc), started with a small 10B and now I'm a 10DD /possibly an E in some bras....so I think that 500 will def get you up to that.

It depends on the look your going for as well but I think they'd be great! :)

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