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My tummy tuck recovery

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:o I have had a lot of requests asking for updates on my progress and to follow my recovery journey so I thought it would be much easier to set up the one thread devoted to my recovery and to help answer any questions. I had my TT on the 24th of January. I had a major muscle repair and full TT with Lipo to my sides. My operation went for around 4 hours. I had very little fat so it was mostly the muscle separation/hernia and excess skin that was removed but I also had the lipo to both of my sides.

I was told that I would probably be in a little worse pain due to no fat so more cutting through nerves/vessels but to be honest I have had little pain. I have had 2 c-sections with my 2 children aged 2.5 years and 5.5 years. I am almost 37 years old :)I did throw up a little on the morning after (thanks to pressing the pain pump too much) but after I worked that one out and stopped pressing the vomiting stopped and felt much better. I had a catheta for the first 24hours so did not need to get out of bed but I did get up and sit in the chair for about 30 mins. Honestly I was dreading it and thought it was going to be awful but it was not that bad and once seated I felt fine. I did feel a little light headed and I was sooooo tired but not much pain. The next morning I got up and showered, it felt so great!!!! I un dressed and dressed myself and the hardest thing I found was the strange tightness feeling and sore bum...LOL I was taken off the pain pump, catheda before I showered.

Day 3 I had my drains removed and I was in a state of panic after all the scary things I had heard but didn't feel much at all and was very relieved. By day 3 I was moving around free of all drips/pumps etc and felt good. I wen't home the following morning and walked to the car. I did feel a little slow and a little hunched. Car ride home okay bit tender going around corners. I have 2 knots from the stitches on both my sides and I find these have given me the most grief as they can sometimes burn and feel a little tender.

I saw my surgeon for first post op visit that Friday 1 week 1 day after opp and they checked my stitches cleaned and replaced the bandage/tape. They were surprised how well I was walking and standing ( I was walking as I did pre op)

The past week has been good although I have noticed I do swell at night a little and Im tired by the night time. I have been doing lots of cooking and making school lunches (just standing on my feet) but I still find it tires me out and I feel a little tender. I have also noticed as my nerves heal (I had slight loss almost like a epidural below my belly button) I have started to feel a few twinges and pains. I will see the surgeon again on Friday and they will be removing the stitches/knots. Im hoping that will help with the pulling/burning on my sides.

I stand/sit as normal but still sleep proped up with my head only. Im a side sleeper so can't wait to be back to sleeping that way. I did the other night but I woke up with that pulling in my sides so will wait a little longer :o

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