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Ice Packs?

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I got 4x 500g pea packets. They were fabulous!

They were (personally) better than ice packs - because they molded perfectly to my breast.

You need 4 so you can have 2 on the side for 10 mins, then 2 on the front for 2 mins and then you take them off for 20 minutes (or whatever time feels right, but tahts what i did - basically you want them on longer than their off i was told) And then after you take them off, you rotate so you put them back in the freezer, and then you get the next 2 packs out and so on. It worked wonders for me truly.

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I used the medi packs (hot and cold pack) the blue ones u see in pharmacies - I got from priceline. It's a long rectangle and I mainly had it sitting across the top or moulded into a V to sit in my cleavage with the sides on the inside of my boob (does that make sense?!). I changed to heat pack at day 5 to promote blood flow and healing :)

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