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All booked and I'm sooooo excited.....

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Hi lovely ladies,

I met the delightful and talented Dr Mark Ashton this morning and I felt so totally sure he is the surgeon for me that I'm all booked in for the 6th of May!!!!

He does not think my boobs are tuberous but have sagged in an unusual way and that I will need a lift as well as a good sized implant. It will not be a standard lift with the scar running straight under the middle, mine will have the scar more off to the side in order to move my nipple back to the centre of my breast.

Its hard to explain but Mark seemed confident that I will get a decent result.

So at this stage I have to decide between a 420cc or a 470cc. Mark said the bigger my implant the better the breast will look but to be careful as bigger implants can make exercise difficult. I tried on the 420's and they looked great but I have not totally ruled out the 470's just yet. Anyway I've got plenty of time to think about it.

And while I'm here I'd like to say a big thank you to Sezzyb who met me out for a couple of drinks last night and answered all my crazy questions. I can't wait till we all together for our boobie brunch.

I'll have to work out how to get a countdown ticker going now:)

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I am absolutely THRILLED you loved Craig and that you walked away feeling happy, confident and excited about your surgery! You are going to get amazing results!

It is such an exciting time, and now you can (try to) relax, and start counting down! Woo hoo!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! xxxxx :)

Sezzy I'm sure that Craig is lovely but our fantastic surgeon is MARK ASHTON....LOL

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WOOHOOOOOO! Congratulations hun that is great news. Totally need to get that ticker sorted so we can all count down with you.

You're going to get that boozems you've been dreamin' of - have heard great things about Mark; If I hadn't gelled so well with Craig I would have been going to Mark next :)

I'm with Misha - your signature makes me smile every time! xx

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