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Unders or overs?

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I am getting a BA end of march (next month). As its getting so close I'm freaking out about any decisions I've made.

I have planned to go 390cc under the muscle.

However doing some thinking I want to make sure It's the right decision for me.

I want them to be round and perky with cleavage and some side boob.

The first surgeon i saw told me to go overs.

The surgeon who is doing my BA asked if I wanted fake or half fake and half real.

I said half half at the time but thinking about it now if I want them round and perky isn't that fake!

I don't want them to look saggy and natural

Ahhhhh I'm freaking out!!!

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4 of my gfs have overs, there cleavage looks great & they are softer & jiggle more but after 2yrs they have dropped so much like natural large boobs & their cleavage isn't as good without a bra. Each one has told me if they could go back they'd get unders coz the muscle holds them up higher instead of the skin stretching over time.

If this is at 2yrs it makes u think what about 5 or 10yrs? They do look more natural & move more naturally but they drop move & don't hold their perky shape as long - just feed back from my friends

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Hi Jen my friends have mentor silicone (gummy) overs. When I see them I am jealous of their great cleavage in a bra they push together so close & look so soft. They also feel really soft & move allot easier.

Under the muscle stay perkier for longer as the muscle holds them in place. My friends who have overs say there skin has loosened & the implants drop low after 2yrs but they can squishy them up & together & get that great 'bum cleavage' where with unders they don't squish as close together (unless uve got more tissue) as much as overs. But they stay perkier for longer as in more high cleavage without a bra.

Maybe there other girls with overs on hear that are older than 2yrs to share experience?

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I think ill stick to unders! i just want them to look perfect :(

Also do they become more saggy the bigger implant you go? Or will they still be perky and round!?

The bigger implant you go, the heavier they'll be so naturally they will sag more than smaller ones over time.

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Hi rose I answered the type just above ur question :)

Jen with dual plane the muscle only covers to just above the nipple so ud be able to the the implant to touch ur breast tissue from nipple down to crease, filling out ur pointy boobs? Best of both worlds?

Just be patient with unders, they look worse at the start (square boob), where overs look better post-op. but they will drop & look great. I'm nearly 5weeks & only now starting to wear tops that show off my cleave coz they don't look so silly

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I'm still thinking about sizes (ahhh i cant stop :( ) my surgeon recommended 330cc but I felt they were too small so asked for

Bigger. He said I could go the 390 but he would recommend the 330.

Should I be listening to him and go the smaller? I have read that a lot of girls wish they went bigger so I really don't want that to be me!


My surgeon didn't offer a dual plane but after looking at your photos I'm interested! Yours look


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