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How long before ppl got feeling back in breast and nipples.

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Hi ladies

Now I'm over 2 months post op and I still don't have feeling from under my nipples down and on my right side ( my nipple) I can't feel anything but pain. I've tried Ice on it and all I feel is the pressure. I'm starting to worry that I'm not going to get normal feeling back :(

How is everyone else going with feeling coming back or is there other ladies that are still numb?

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I had surgery in NOV last year and i had a large numb spot around my incision about the size of my palm. Slowly the size of the numbness has shrunk to a little bigger then a 50cent piece. its been 13 weeks so far and im confident that the feeling will come back completely within 6 months. but im having a 2nd surgery on the same incision so thats probably going to be a set back

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I am 3 months PO and still have numbness in some areas, very occasionally I still get a shooting pain every now and then but it goes as quick as it comes. Apart from that the only achy pain I get is if I sleep on my tummy or side accidentally for too long. I don't think you should be getting the pain you've described this long after your surgery, have you asked your surgeon if this in normal?? The numbness definitely is though....

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