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Missnewboobies story!

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Hello ladies, after receiving a few msgs from some of you, I think it's time I share my answers to a few of your questions - I could keep writing but I feel like I would be here all night - please do not hesitate to ask me anything about the procedure and I'll gladly respond to help you in any way I can! xXx:rolleyes:

how and why you chose your surgeon?

- After researching for months and months, I soon discovered that Dr Harwood had an exceptional rating.

After looking at his website, I saw a perfect set that suited me, they were in the 300 mls.

I then was looking around the internet, researching implants, gathering as much info as possible, and then I found this forum. I noticed Dr Harwood had lots of credability on the forum, and so I booked my consultation. After booking my first consultation, I was convinced he was going to be my surgeon as he was genuine, professional and knew exactly what would look 'good' on me. He was also very conservative and honest, which is what I liked most.

how you came to decide what look you wanted?

- I've never really 'hated' my breasts, I just felt they could always be bigger - I liked the shape of them, I felt they just needed more upper pole and side boob. After months and months of googling women's before and after images, trying to understand CC's and cup sizes... it just came down to this forum. I was talking to girls who have experienced the procedure first hand, and was able to gather loads of information about their stas and before and afters. I found girls with similar stats to me, and went from there. I was originally comfortable with the idea of a 'Full C' then I went from C to wanting a DD and then I saw this girls photo on this forum, of her E cups, and I was sold. I immediately wanted to go bigger than my originally recommended 380cc. So I e-mailed Dr Harwood about 1 week before surgery, asking him what size CC'S i would need to achieve the DD-E look, and he advised 435cc high profile, or 425cc extra high profile.

I didnt want the XHP as they would protrude far too much for my frame. So I chose the 435s on the morning of surgery - and I loved them, did not regret going bigger.

how you achieved your look?

- I achieved my look by deciding to use 435cc high profiles, under the muscle, Brazilian implants. I was originally a small C cup/large B cup pre op. Now I'm a 10E. I love that I can dress them down and make them look 'natural' to a certain extent, and I also love that I can dress them up with a flattering attire.

what's been good?

- The positivity on the forum has been marvelous and helped me through the 'boobie blues'.

Trying on clothes, bikinis and lingerie honestly makes me feel so confident that I want to give bikini modelling a try - even if I do suck at it. The confidence you take away from the whole experience is amazing. I've never felt more happy with my body! I think all women should experience this pleasure.

what's been bad, how the pain is?

- At first, the pain was bearable just a very tight , hard to breathe / heavy feeling on my chest. Day 2 was a complete blur, too doped up. Day 3-5 was horrible, it was when everything kicked in at once. Pain, boobie blues and the feeling of being a zombie from the drugs. I was waking up at 3AM for those days. I couldn't even hold a cup to drink, I couldn't walk around really, I couldn't even pull my pants up to use the bathroom on day 1-2. Post op 3 weeks now and things like not being able to sleep on your side, put my arms up straight in the air, change gear in my car without slight discomfort, not being able to go the gym and work out properly... just little things that all add up... but totally worth it as it all gets better with each day (literally!). Nipple sensitivity during 'that time of the month' is intense.

how you communicated what you wanted with your surgeon accurately etc.?

- I originally showed an image of a girl from Google images to my surgeon on my first consult. I had researched a lot and knew exactly what I wanted. I said I wanted a fake look, but not 'too fake'. I wanted big boobs, I didn't want to look like I had 'fat boobs' either. I didn't want my boobs to look too small for my chest either. After a couple of months, 1 week before surgery... I emailed my surgeon (as I had been online using the forum ever since my consult and had seen a lot of post op pics from girls around Australia that I really liked the look of) I showed him a photo of a girl on this website, and he knew exactly what to do to achieve that look for me - I definitely could not be happier with my breasts.

how/ where did you find pictures of your ideal boobs etc. ?

- Originally I found the boobs I wanted on Google images - my surgeon knew the look I was going for.

I was starting to spend quite a lot of time on the forum, that I became hungry with boob greed - and I do not regret it. I feel that all women are a bit sketchy at first with their sizers etc.. it is nervous to go from NOTHING to having this huge things on your chest. In reality, they may not be HUGE they may just look and feel overwhelming as you've never seen things of that size on your chest... at least that's how I felt. I was content and happy with going with 380ccs ... until I found a girl on here! Her boobs really blew my mind and I wanted them so bad that I emailed my surgeon the image and he advised me 435cc would help me achieve those results. I was so scared that the 435ccs weren't going to fit, but when I came out and my surgeon said to me 'you got the big ones' I was over the moon with excitement!

how long did you have to wait/ chose to wait in order to make a final decision from your first consult to get your op?

- I had my consult and straight away I knew Dr Kim Harwood was the surgeon for me. My partner admired him as well! He advised me that a 2nd opinion would not hurt. I didn't want a second opinion, I just had so much confidence in his word. I wanted my operation with him ASAP, I could have gone in 2 weeks after my first consultation but was unable to get the time off work, so I went under the knife in January during my holiday.

Day of Surgery - Showered in the morning with antibacterial soap. Went for a drive to Brisbane (1 1/2 away from where I live) Walked into the clinic, signed a few documents, paid my bill of $9500.00 and waited in the waiting area. Sharan came over to my partner and I to discuss with me the meds and post op procedures, she also helped put me at ease before surgery - as I had never been in hospital or anything like that before. Sharan walked me into the operating room, where I tried on my sizers, I was choosing between 425cc XHP and 435cc HPs, I immediately fell in love with the 435's. I then removed my clothes, we tried on a post op bra that I could use after surgery, and then put on my sexy surgery gown - and little slippers! I then walked over to the operating table where I had my catheter inserted (YOUCH!!) Dr Harwood then proceeded to walk me over in front of the mirror to show me where my breasts would sit, and explained to me that I would have a new crease created. After that we walked back over and I was given the 1st round of anesthetic and boy did I feel dizzy / drunk lol - I felt like it was intense gravity/G-Force pushing my head against the table - I'm strange! My partner was by my side the entire time, stroking my head and making me feel at ease. I don't even remember the second half, I remember seeing a lady put the second round in and I was out... It is all such a blur. I woke up, (don't remember being put into the waiting room or putting my clothes on?) and the next thing I remember was getting into the car thanking the nurses for being so kind and sweet. And that's the beginning of my journey - if you have any specific questions about particular days, please comment below or msg me, I'm here to help you through your journey :)You're not alone!!! X

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Thanks for "paying it forward" helping all if us newbies on our quest for BA info. I'm sure there will be many girls who take one of your photos to their surgeon wanting boobs just like yours!! Good luck with swim suit modelling, without seeing your face I can still tell you are a beautiful girl - inside and out!!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story, and i love little details can never have too many details :D

The only thing about the sugery that makes me go "oh no not agian" is the catheta while concious!!! Don't they put it in once your out to it? I have had 2 while awake and it was awful!! And 2 while under a general. And i have had stints go up between my bladder and kidney for kidney stones ahhhh it's my fear of being awake for it again. I wonder if i asked would they do it once i'm under. LOL

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