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Rhino with Dr Greensmith today!

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Hello all, I thought I would share my experience and recovery from my rhino with Andrew Greensmith. I had surgery this morning to correct a deviated septum and refine my tip, also my bones were broken to be set into place.

Today hasn't been bad at all, everything in the lead up to surgery was quick and I was really well looked after by the hospital staff. I spoke with Dr Greensmith before the surgery and he was very professional and I felt a lot of ease knowing he was operating on me.

I chose to have day surgery so I was able to come home at 2pm. For a few hours I was drowsy and a little uncomfortable with the packing in my nose. Other than that by 6pm I was walking around, pain free and eating lots of jelly and yoghurt.

I have been really diligent in icing every hour for 20 mins because I have always bruised easily, and I did but some arnica Montana pilules which dissolve under your tongue so I will see how they go.

At this point I have a little swelling and bruising under my eyes and sleeping is a pain as I love sleeping on my belly so this will probably be a struggle for me hence why I'm writing this at 4.20am!

Ok well that is all for today I will write about my day 2 tomorrow night. I hope this can be helpful for someone!

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Thanks for the posts! Well Day 2...

This morning I had my packs taken out of my nose and thank goodness, that was bugging me being so blocked up! It has been a bit uncomfortable today because my nose has been oozing a lot and all of a sudden I am a mad sneezer! It's weird but as long as I'm sneezing with my mouth open it doesn't hurt.

As for pain, a little around my stitches but not enough to take the pain meds I have been given, really it's just been a lot of congestion and a slight headache.

Bruising is still minimal and in the inner corners of my eyes, although I feel like my nose is pretty swollen under the cast as there is increased pressure today.

As for my diet I am avoiding salty foods as that can increase swelling and I am still icing regularly as I'm trying to keep my swelling and bruising to a minimum, we'll see in the next few days.

Homebrue- I wish I was at day 6 already! And do you know what brand the nose oil is that dr Greensmith recommends? He told me today although I couldn't really hear him over the phone so I'm not sure.

Ok well I will report again to tomorrow. Toodles!

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Hi, it's called ' flo nozoil' :) the weirdest conversations you ave huh?

I would reccomend arnica if you not already taking it, I was popping them like candy with NO bruising.

What is with the sneezing! My first sneeze was day 1 in hospital, I was like ' no no no no' but surprisingly ddnt hurt, sneezed out if my mouth too!

I heard day 3 was the worst, for me tit was for swelling, and the pressure, feels like you NSW is being squished flat! ( mine did) now I clearly have more swelling on my right because it feels like ts pushing my nose to the right, I keep checking to ake sure the cast hasn't slipped.

I'm so glad to hear you are going well and are without pain. Don't worry, you'll be at day 6 before you know it :)

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Ok thanks Homebrue I will get onto the oil!

So you have had no bruising still?? I have been taking arnica often and I have a bit of bruising under my eyes although its not bad at all.

Well I'm excited that you're getting your cast off soon, I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes, have a good weekend!

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No bruising, I had one photo that I could see yellowing under my eyes where bruising should be, but It must have been the lighting because I've seen none.. I lie, day 3 I had some purple in the corner of my left eye, but that disappeared. I was taking like 10 arnica tabs a day though.

I think it's a combination of arnica and greensmith being so careful, he is becoming known as the rhyno man, I recon we got ours done t a time when he is working hard on his reputation and is more gentle in surgery. That's what I'd do if I were him.

I am beside myself about getting the cast off, arranged ' big reveal ' drinks with workmates Tuesday night!

I'm feeling pretty frustrated now! Bound to happen, I'm bored and struggling with the crazy dry mouth and breathing through my mouth, however have noticed already a dramatic improvement in my breathing and sense of smell. It's amazing!

As said, hope your going well, when do you get your cast off?

How are you feeling? Hope it's going well.

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Yeah I am getting frustrated too just because I want to leave the house but I can't and it seems like the days are taking forever! I get my cast off Monday week so on the 18th. I'm not in pain just really congested and I agree that he must be really gentle because I've always bruised so easily but maybe the bruising will come out when the cast is off?? Are you expecting a big change to your nose? I'm hoping it won't be too noticeable to others as I really just wanted to straighten it up so I guess we will see?!

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I don't think there's bruising later... So bored I've resorted to watching jordey shore :)

I don't know what to expect, I didn't find the imaging very helpful really because they are kind of fake looking pictures in the first place, so hard to picture what it willbe like I. Real life. I'm hopin that I'll be frigging smokin! At the end of this! I've seen pictures of people who have go e from kinda cute to gorgeous.

My biggest worry is that ther will not be enough of a difference. Has been all along!

Funny way to kill some time if your game! I watched a YouTube clip of an open rhyno....I was like :0 how the hell am I in NO pain.

Jam blown awayby the no pain thing, cannot talk more about that factor, congestion is annoying, pretty much feel like a big booger with legs ( gross I know, I get like this when I'm bored) :)

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Ahh yes I feel the same, and I think I'll pass on watching the You Tube clip, I don't need to see what happened to my nose it might make me sick!

Ok so Day 3...ahh so much congestion!! Still only a little bruising although I did wake up with a bit more swelling under my eyes. The swelling went down once I walked around the house a bit. I have a really sore spot at the back of my throat which I'm not sure about, it hurts when I swallow but I'm sure it's just a bit of irritation from breathing through my mouth all the time.

I'm still not feeling much pain, I took 2 pain killers last night just because I wanted to have a decent sleep and I did get 7 hours so that was good. I haven't taken any pain killers since and I am hesitant to take them tonight just because I had some wacky dreams and woke up a bit distressed.

So all is going well, really I'm just a bit bored and congested but thats the worst of it which isn't bad at all! Getting there...

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Day 4.... Today I slept in til 10am! I was so happy because I have been wide awake at 7-8 every morning since surgery and I really just want to sleep more to make the recovery go faster.

In the mornings the congestion is pretty bad but once I clean out my nostril with salty water and use the saline spray then it is fine and I am almost breathing completely through my nose now.

I had a little pain around my stitches today but its hardly anything, I really can't believe I'm not in more pain and my bruising and swelling is so minimal it just shows what a good job Dr Greensmith has done.

What else...oh I helped my husband with the gardening today and it felt really good to get some fresh air and move a bit. I've heard getting into light activity soon after really helps with the recovery so I plan to be active around the house and garden, especially to make the time go quicker!

Not much else to tell at this point, this really has been cruisy so far and fingers crossed it stays that way!

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Hi all, ok Day 5...I had a huge sleep in this morning but I woke up with the driest mouth and my stitches were quite sensitive.

Other than that and a bit of congestion in the morning, the day has been fine, really nothing to complain about!

There was no swelling when i woke up this morning and a little bruising but other than that all is going well. Goodnight!

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Good to hear Homebrue!

Day 6 not much new to tell, no pain less discomfort although I've wanted to itch my nose under my cast tonight, but other than that all good.

Oh although I did something bad today and I was trying to clean out my nose too much and I pulled out one of my stitches by accident. So note to others although its tempting dont fiddle with your nostrils!

Good night!

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Thanks Nossiieee! I had my nose broken and straightened, my septum straightened and a little tip refinement, and the surgery took 3 hours. I had day surgery and my private health insurance saved me a couple of thousand dollars so all up it cost me $10,500 and that was quoted last year around August. I guess his reputation is growing quickly so he can start to charge more? Either way, I don't think I will be regretting anything as I've heard so many good things about his work, so I will see next Monday!

What are you having done to your nose? Lucky you don't need to wear a cast, that really has been the downfall wearing this for 11 days!

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Day 6... Ahh the itch! All is want to do is itch my nose under the cast, zero pain not even at my stitches and no headache whatsoever. It's really just the waiting game, come on Monday! Hope you're all well :)

Your nearly there! Only 4 more sleeps, I'm so excited for yo. I would love to see before and afters if could email them to me? ( seeing as you are so near to your after.

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