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More than 2 bras?

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Just a quick one- I will be given 2 compression bras after surgery and I think I have to wear them for 3-4weeks 24hrs a day- should I buy a third? Or will 2 be enough to rotate?


Hi Hayley,

Three would make things much easier (so you're not having to wash them as often) but two should be fine.

I spoke to my patient advisor and she said that I should wait to get my second one (they only provide one for me) until after 1 day post op when they fit me for the one they're giving me so I know excatly what size to get.

If you already have two, I'd wait to get a better idea of sizing if you do decide you want a third.

As swelling goes down and you start to D&F, you'll more than likely need to change sizes anyway so I would say keep just the two for the first week, and then purchase a third if you feel you need it.

Just my opinion though and I'm still pre op. Actual post op ladies may be able to give you some better advice. :)

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Grrr I brought 2x post op compression bras, theyre just light microfibre I tried them on with my rice sizers and it didnt even feel tight or supportive... will this change after surgery when im swollen they cost me 120 bucks - almost certain they are the right size according to their size chart - wish Id just gone to Target and brought some cheap $20.00 ones now.

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I just remembered I also used http://www.sportsbrabar.com/catalogue/21487-0036/triumph-extreme-black.html which was great and is still great, except.....it's very very small in the band. I bought a 32DD (and I am a 10 band here so same as 32) and I need an extender on it...to the longest length so should have bought a 34D at least. Was really good bra for at the 2-3 weeks post op mark, excellent support :)

Berlei post op bra was great, and very comfy....got it from http://www.undiewarehouse.com.au/underwear/post-surgery-bras/berlei-post-surgery-wire-free-crop.html



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