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I am considering a consultation with Dr Rostagi/Dr ./Dr Tav (they all look brilliant) ! 

I am 42 and my boobs are a little sad but I really don't want to get a lift and hoping implants or implants and fat grafting will do the job - I only want to go up 1 size...

Anybody out there that has had a BA and didn't need a lift or do most surgeons recommend a lift if there is a little bit of sagging ?





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I have been told if your nipples are pointing forward and sort of in the middle , a lift is less likely required. Also most will let you send photos pre consultation and can give you a ‘probably will’ or ‘probably won’t’ need a lift.  That’s what I’ve done. 

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Hi i was 44 yrs old when i had my BA i didn't need a lift as i wasn't saggy just empty after breastfeeding 2 children,. It will depend on how much sagging and existing breast tissue  you have weather you need a lift or not, a friend of mine was borderline needing a lift and was told by her sergeon if she didn't mind going bigger to fill out the existing empty breast tissue then she wouldn't need the lift ( her boobs look amazing ) so if you have a fair bit of breast to fill then a small implant won't  give the lift you want and you may need the lift as well. 

I had mine done in Perth which is where i live if you send me a FR you  can see my befor and after pics .

I have no regrets in getting my BA except for  waiting so long to take the plunge, do it it will be the gest thing you'veever done for yourself 

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