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Does anyone know why my nose tip looks like this and what can fix it ? Pics included

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Hi guys, I am 28 years old and from the UK.

I  have been sooooo insecure about my nose for years because I think it's too straight and pointy. 

About 2 years ago I  realised actually how rounded my nose tip looks and I absolutely hate it, every single day I obsess about it and when I look at my reflection in a window or mirror I see what look like a round ball blob at the end of my nose. It makes my feel like breaking down and crying and sometimes I have done 

Does anyone know what is causing my nose tip to look like this and what surgery procedure will fix it ? 

I am extremely squeamish and can't even watch surgery on TV but I'd rather go through a short operation than live the rest of my life like this .

For some reason it always seem to look worse in the dark for example when flash on the camera is on 

Thanks guys 







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