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Dr Ellis Choy vs. Dr Tavakoli vs. Dr Steven Liew - How do choose?

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Hi ladies,

I am struggling in choosing those said doctors as they are all very reputable however some is more expensive (with better after care) vs. cheaper doctors!


I will need an implant (vs fat grafting) and unsure if more expensive means better? I would have though it all depends on my body shape, rib cage etc.!


Initially I wanted under arm incision so the scar is not obvious but most doctors don't do that! 


How are your scars post op?


Any words of wisdom will be good! I'm so nervous and unsure how to choose and don't want to fork out $1.5K just for consult...


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I'm having the same problem choosing. Did you end up choosing already? If so who did you go with? Dr tavakoli seems like the most loved one, I'm contacting him tomorrow and depending on the price, he's my chosen one, he honestly is the best in Sydney. His reputation seems to be good, and he seems to like keeping it that way, so he seems like the safe decision. I'm either going with him or Dr Pouria Moradi, as he only charges $11k, and doesn't seem to have any bad reviews on boob jobs. Would never go to one of these $8k boob jobs by training doctors! Would love to know who you go with and how it went. 

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