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Hi 🙂

Has anyone had successful fat transfer to the breasts in Australia? 

particularly interested in Cosmos clinic experiences. 

Who was your surgeon? 

how many cup sizes were you able to achieve?

did you retain most of the fat? 

do you have any lumps/calcification in the breasts?

how have your lipo areas healed? 

thanks 🙏

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Did you end up getting this done with cosmos clinic? Fat transfer isn't what its made out to be, they say 1 to 2 cups, but you actually need several sessions to get 2 cups! And it isn't long lasting. Its more temporary. Generally speaking our boobs are the size they are due to our life style, i hate exercise because i almost instantly loose my boobs. If I were rich, I would just get it done once a year lol. But basically, you'll get half a cup size after they've gone down and lost what their going to loose. So by the time you ad it up to, it's cheaper just to go with a mini boob job. Both have risks, and I know the whole own body fat, less complications sounds amazing, but most people get fatty lumps from the fat transfer especially when they try to go too big in one session. I know girls that have had BA with cosmo and had no problems.

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