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Deposit paid for my BA in August! Need some advice please :)

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So after many years of hating my breasts & hiding them from everyone, i have finally decided to go ahead with my breast augmentation with Dr Tavakoli. I visiting Dr Tavakoli for my first consult back in April and was very happy with him. He was recommended by a close friend and also many of her friend, so i am feeling confident with him :)

So apparently i will see him again a few weeks before the surgery date for a pre-op consult, does anyone know what this is exactly and what i can expect at this appointment?

Although i have already been sized in my first consult, i am also going ask to be re-sized to make sure i am 100%.

At my consult i was advised that i have really asymmetrical breasts, probably a full cup difference. Also one of them is slightly tuberous. They have a snoopy look & this is the main reason why i dont like them. I have always had to wear a padded bra/swimsuits, otherwise they look really pointy and horrible. Did anyone else have this issue? Because of this Dr Tavakoli recommended teardrop, basically to fill the lower part of the breast to make the shape more normal. Does anyone on here have teardrop & can share any before/after photos?

Thanks in advance for your advice :D

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