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Anyone had BA with Dr Tavakoli & teardrop?

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Hi! I am booked for August for my BA with Dr Tavakoli and I am getting teardrops. He suggested teardrop because I have slightly tuberous (snoopy) shape breasts and puffy nipple (when soft) and he said that the rounds would only make the shape worse. Also I have hardly any breast tissue under my breasts (creating the pointy look) so the teardrop will fill this area. I hope this makes sense!

I would like to know if anyone has had their surgery with Dr Tavakoli and got teardrops and why? Also if u have any before and after pics would be great :)

I am currently a A-small B cup wanting to go to a full C cup.

Thanks girls!!

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I'm going I'm 2nd may for BA with Tavakoli

He recommended teardrop as I don't have much breast tissue at the bottom too.

My final consult is Thursday (day before surgery) so I decide then as he said I can still go round as it will still work for me.

Feel free to add me

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