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Checkup update

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Went for my first check up today at dr. Mark Ashton's office.

Got my dressings off which kinda hurt a bit when the nurse was cleaning my incisions but feels a lot better now with just the tapes on them.

The nurse also gave me a strap to wear above my boobs to help the swelling and push the implants down. I'm Pretty stoked with everything!!!

Can't believe it's been nearly a week since my op! I'm absolutely loving the 460CCs, so glad I didn't go any smaller. I can already tell these babies are gonna make my confidence boost through the roof :)

I have another appointment next Monday morning. Can't wait.

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That's awesome Sam xx how long do you have to wear the strap for?

I think just 1 week :) I'm going back next Monday to review it... Hopefully the nurse says I can ditch the strap then !!

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