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pics are up

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Hi everyone,

I had problems with my internet and email connection while in Thailand. My surgery was on 3rd June - I had a lollypop lift and augmentation. I ended up with 440cc high profile over the muscle silicon gel Mentor implants. Dr Thanakom was very quiet but nice.

The implants are bigger than I thought they would look. I'm hoping they drop down and look more natural soon. It also feels VERY tight on my chest and I hope that settles soon too. I had sutures removed 7 days post op and went back for a check up 3 days later. There had been some wound separation, so Dr Thanakom did some resuturing.

I'm back home in Australia now and I need to visit my GP in 10 days to have the sutures removed. I'm visiting my doctor tomorrow as well so he can keep an eye on how they are progressing. I redressed the wounds today and they look clean and all ok, so hopefully, in 10 days time I'll have no sutures and wounds will be on their way to being healed.

Thanks everyone who left me messages - it was great to have your support.

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