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Rjm81's BA with Dr Veerawat - Thailand 23/05/2013

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Hi girls,Well this story is a little delayed but there seems to be a few girls either soon to have surgery with dr v or considering it so I thought I would tell my story as I got so much from everyone's stories.So travelled with my sister in law (who also had BA with dry on sme day). We arrived in phuket at about 9.00am day before surgery. Transfers were all organised by hospital and were always on time. Had our consult with dr v at 4.00pm. We walked into the room where he was waiting for us. He was very lovely and spoke very good English. He went through all the different options for the procedure is. Round/tear drop, under or over etc. he showed photos of different procedures he's done a photos of boobs that had bad massage etc. I went over wanting rounds as was scared about tear drop rotating, we is used this with him and he said let's just wait until we measure to decide. So we went to the net room where he first took pre op photos then he started to draw all over me. We then discussed what size I would like and then he gave some sizes to try. I was a deflated a cup before and I wanted to be a d which we were looking at about 525cc. Once i decided what size he said that being that big i would need o go tear drop as if i had rounds he would have to lower my crease for them to look right and it was too high a risk of double bubble. as tear drops are placed differently to rounds i would have to go tear drop. so i was a little deflated but he explained everythng really well and in the end i felt really comfortable. My next hurdle was the size as unfortunately they didn't have any big implants there and ringing all of thailand the biggest I could get we're 495cc hp from Bangkok, or I could have put surgery off for 5 dys for them to order them in. This meant staying longer in thailand, which wasn't n option as I have 3 young kids at home.So I went with the 495 cc and then I needed o decide whether I wanted dual plane(natural look) or overs (faker look) which I thought about over night. So it was now day of surgery, picked up at 6.30am. My sister in law was going first as I had to see a dr before hand as ad fractured my arm ( another story). So I ended up going off for surgery at 11.00am. The nurses were very nice, my anesthetist was an of little lady she was so cute. I was a little disappointed as I didn't get to see dr v before surgery, a nurse come in to confirm over or dual plane, so someone else could have operated on me. So was in recovery but was really out of it I couldn't wake up and just heard bits and pieces. I was still out of it when they wheeled me back to my room, however I do remember the most painful part of the whole experience and that was being transferred to my bed in the room OMG!!!!!!! Didn't really wake up properly until 6. My hubby, sister in law etc were worried as they hadn't heard from me.Next day dr v came to take bandage off and take drains out. He was really happy and said that it was a really tight squeeze, so 525cc prob wouldn't have fit anyway. Pain for me was pretty good was uncomfortable but def bearable. I have to say that I love them, they are more then I could have hoped for (although boobie greed does hit every now and then). 4.5 weeks on I am still a little sensitive but it is getting heaps better. Having to massage a lot like 15 times a day which is impossible but I o it as much as I can.Anyway enough of my essay. Good luck to everyone and happy to answer any questions. I have cut this down as could have kept typing but not sure you would want to read.

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