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Arm lift

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Hi there

I had an arm lift 7 weeks ago - I am In Sydney and used the same surgeon who did my tummy tuck. He is a fantastic surgeon and cheap - 3500 and after Medicare and private fund rebate so only $2800 - the antheatist bulk billed me - not sure why but was thrilled!

Have to say the arm lift recovery was harder than TT - you underestimate how much you use your arms! Not really painful just uncomfortable!

As for my results - he has done a great job and my body is more in proportion - I lost 55kg - 18 years ago and I have hated my arms for so long! I think I did not manage my expectations and thought they would be smaller! Everyone says they are great, it's me that is critical. I can wear tailored shirts which I couldn't before.

Scars are long and go into armpit and down beside my boobs - but so far so good - I am putting silicone tape on them for 6 months - I wore a compression garment 24/7 for six weeks - my arms are still swollen so am wearing it at night!

Am back at the gym now and feeling pretty much back to normal - have pretty good arm movement - a little tight but can put clothes over my head!

Sorry for the long message but wanted to share my experience - if you have questions - let me know


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