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I got implants in the first place to "lift" sagging breasts. They were over the muscle and looked great for a year or two until they made the sagging look worse. Then I got capsular contracture, and over time the implants shape got slightly distorted. 

In the meantime, I put on a decent amount of weight. My implants were modest to begin with, so now they were on the small side in proportion to my body.

I decided I needed a revision and underwent the lift I should have had the first time around. My doctor wasn't clear about how involved the surgery would be, and I was under the misapprehension that he could do the lift without removing the implants as part of the surgery. Because of this, I decided to keep my old implants rather than swap them out for larger ones. I really do worry that this was a mistake, because my implants are a little narrow for my frame and they weren't new so might not last as long. I typically wear padded bras to make them look more in proportion with the rest of my body. (Yes, I have breast implants but still wear a padded bra!)

If my doctor had been more clear about needing to take the implants out during the revision surgery, I would have definitely gotten new, larger implants.

My breasts look pretty good. They are not small (12DD) but they are a bit modest in comparison to the rest of my body.

For all that I went through with these surgeries, I am disappointed that I don't "LOVE" my breasts now. Don't get me wrong, they look better than they did before, but they are not amazing. It's also hard for me to get good cleavage too, because there is always a bit of a gap.

I suppose they will probably look larger if I lose weight. But if that happens, I worry that I will need another lift! This whole surgery thing has been a bit of a cluster-you-know-what, from the first surgeon advising me to go over the muscle, the ensuing complications (capsular contracture), the miscommunication about my revision surgery, and now my issue with them feeling too small for me. I wish I loved my boobs, but it's hard to be happy with them. Can any of you share any thoughts on my situation?

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I think we are all a litt to hard on ourselves when it comes to our boobs and yes while you may have felt that your surgeon did not explain everything in detail to you about removing the old implants to do the lift I'm sure your boobs look great to anyone who might see them. I too was not 100% happy with mine when i first had them done as my boobs were slightly different sizes  (had the same size implants inserted in both sides) and told that they wouldn't look that different  (well they do, lefty is almost 1 cup size bigger ) and I'm still almost 95% certain that my left Anatomical implant is crooked my right nipple is half a centimeter higher ect. What I'm trying to get at is we can be so critical and hard on ourselves so try to look at the positives. Oh and i still wear padded/push up bras from time to time too 😁😊

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