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Facial THREADS!! Any one had this done?? Consult left me confused to do or not.

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Hello lovelies,


Has anyone had facial thread lift done? I recently had a consult with a known Cosmetic Lounge and although it was informative, it was rushed (I waited an hour past my appointment time slot to be seen as there was a client in the room who looked to have threading done and was in a bit of a situation).. << that also didn't exactly sell it to me..
I thought I would go in to concentrate on lips and botox (never had botox and had 1ml lip filler elsewhere 3 years ago).

The Owner had finished giving me a full facial consultation about what she advised for me (which was helpful and I agree to most of the points and what to do - sort of).

But I had to ask about lips which is what I was most concerned or there for.. but was told that out of my whole face that is the least of concern tbh.

Now I'm not massive on cosmetics but I thought a tweak here n there would be suffice.

I'm so confused and was booked in for an appointment as soon as the consult finished when I wasn't even sure (which I think was just to make sure they had constant bookings and income).


I'm concerned about things that may go wrong and if it's something I even want right now? Procrastinating for sure though.

The facial tweaks is something I do want to do but I honestly thought that subtle botox and some filler would be more than enough.


The confusion!


Also.. felt a bit talked up to blow smoke and create a vibe to go ahead with something I didn't think was necessary or immediately addressed.. or what I wanted "for now"..


Tell me your stories if you have any, also before/after photos or anything related.


Thanks xx

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