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help 5 months post op and swelling

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Hi all,

ok, I had my rhinoplasty 5 months to this day. I had that typical somewhat flat big asian nose :). I had a lot of fatty tissue in my tip (hence for my big nose) so my surgeon used

cartilage grafts from my upper part of my nose to build me a 'new tip'.

At the beginning (first 2 months) I was happy with the progress. I loved my side profile as it no longer looked droopy but wasn't too please with my tip. Although it was smaller and more 'defined' or (see contours of my nose), looked more pointy and less flat- it still looked big swollen and it looked upturned. I was told because I have oily thick skin (as asians do) the swelling would be slow to come down. At 3 months little had changed so it was just a matter of being really patient even though you are looking into the mirror everyday, perhaps 20 times a day to see if swelling comes down.

At 3 months I also started to tape my nose up just before I go to bed so the swelling would go down. I get the 'tight sensation' in my nose when I get up in the morning and during and after exercising at the gym although I didn't start going to the gym 3 months post op.

At the end of 4months (end of June), I really noticed that my alas basement looked wider than narrow, my tip was more bigger, more round than pointy, less defined and as a result of having a much bigger tip the contour lines that I would see connecting the bridge to the tip and side of nose would disappear. Its like the contour lines is now flat which was really disappointing.

My tip doesnt feel as 'hard and numb' as it did at 3 months post op. I still feel that tight sensation under the lower half of my bridge and around my tip but its not as much as it was at 3 months post op. I also notice at the end of June a 'irregular' small bump on the upper right hand side of my tip. I dont know why it is there? I keep reading around that it takes about 12 months for tip swelling to come down but the progress of the last 5 months suggest that I wont get much progress in 12months.

Why the sudden change in my nose?, will it stay like this or will it get smaller? It is a change in my diet? ( I eat about 1-2 small tins lot a sweet chilli tuna every day from 3months onwards) too much exercising or am I overreacting-I remember that week at the end of June I had done a lot of lifting as were moving houses. Is it because I hit my nose too much when Im shuffling around in my sleep. mI trying to stay positive but its hard when youre looking at yourself in the mirror every day :(


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Was the surgery done here or overseas? If I was you I would book a follow up appointment with your surgeon and voice your concerns and check whether its just part of the healing process


Yeah It was done in Queensland and I did have a follow up appointment 1 month after surgery and everything was fine. Its just got bad at the end of June like 2 weeks ago and I might book in for a 6mnth post consult but at the moment Im kinda confused with whats happening with my nose at the moment

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Hi Jade,

I am of Asian origin also and had a septorhinoplasty on 10th July 2019 in Istanbul, after a really good friend had recommended the surgeon to me. She is Turkish and had a cousin who was really pleased with the results of her rhinoplasty. I am now kicking myself for relying on my friend's advice and wish I had had my surgery done in London.

It has now been over 4 months since the procedure and my nose is still swollen, and worse, my right nostril is 'hitched up' whereas the left nostril is in the right place. Consequently I look absolutely awful frontal view and it resembles a botched job! When I had my consultation back in July it took 30 minutes and repeatedly told the doctor that I did not want a short upturned nose, I only wanted my septum to be straightened and the dorsal hump to be removed. He reassured me that I should not be worried, but did not tell me that due to hard skin it would take a lot longer for the recovery process. He did not provide me with a computer generated photo of what I would look like after the surgery and I am constantly berating myself for not having done my own research prior to travelling to Turkey. He gave me a nose which he thought looked good on me and altered it drastically so that it looks like a nose job.

After I returned to London a week after the operation, I was always despondent about why the doctor had not listened to my concerns and despite calling the clinic numerous times and texting my concerns, they eventually returned my calls several days later. I had to demand an appointment with the doctor, who arranged for me to see him in his clinic on 05 November 2019, when he injected my nostrils with steroids, squeezed the bridge of my nose so hard that I heard a crack (I thought he had broken it again!!) then advised me to massage my nose several times a day and wear a nose retainer for 2 months. He stated that this would make my nostrils symmetrical. Frankly I do not believe him as it has now been two weeks since I saw him and although the swelling has reduced from the upper part of the nose, the tip is swollen and the right nostril is still hitched up!! I feel so depressed and don't want to show my face to my family and friends. I cannot bear the thought of having any revision surgery due to my awful experience this summer, but if the right nostril does not elevate down, I will have no option, which makes me want to scream! My summer was ruined just constantly regretting my decision to have the surgery done abroad. 

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