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Tony Connell in Perth - any feedback (esp. for revision)?

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I would love to hear from anyone who has recently had a BA or revision with Tony Connell in Perth?  I searched the forum but there are only very old threads. 

I hate my current implants (too big, unnatural) and want a revision to get smaller round implants.  I saw Tony about 4 years ago, but decided to wait until after kids... and so here I am!  I have a consult with him on Monday, but I feel nervous about the lack of before and after pictures, reviews etc, even though he seems like a lovely man and competent surgeon.

I hear that he has recently (in the last few years) started to favour round implants rather than anatomical.  Has anybody had their surgery with him recently who can give me feedback (and even better... share some pictures)?

Any feedback would be hugely appreciated xx

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