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I need help for many concerns but do not know where to start in terms of procedures.

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Hello. Fairly bad looking guy here with some concerns with flaws of my face. I just wanna get some type of, or several surgeries that will make me look better. And yes I know my hair sucks. I have not ha it cut in 8 months because of covid.
Also these links zoom in if you click on them.
Areas of concern:
- malar bags (they are genetic and I have always had them, apparent in photos with overhead flurescent lighting like when im sitting on my couch.... Look terrible if I am not wearing glasses)
- Under eye hollows that are genetic I have always had them
- Lack of chin makes my mid face look like it is melting towards the bottom and makes it look saggy
- Beginning of marrionette depressions
- slight crepiness near lip corners (you can see in the photos where my head is turned. Like there is the marrionetting that is beginning to ramp up, but also there is this slight pouch of like loose skin there too that looks like mild sagging. Also apparent in the photo where I have no glasses on, the right of left of each side of my lips)
- ptosis in my right eye
- philtrum too long..
- My left side of my face is bigger than the right side (but still both are quite flat in terms of midfacial volume.... seems also that one eye, despite the ptosis, may be bigger than the other.....)
- I can see the beginning of slight jowling too. Great....
- overall just an egg shaped head I hate
In addition I have sort of a baby face but that plus these issues makes me look, young, old, and ugly all at the same time. I hate it.
I am 29 years old and of course aging is going to make this stuff worse. I am tired of it, and want to fix it. I have a $20000 budget. Please help me. I am tired of having these genetic flaws and looking this way. I know I am ugly, but now I just want to fix it so I have a more balanced face....
For some odd reason I seem to look fine in head on lighting, but then again, so does literally everyone.
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