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Hi Ladies,

I had a consultation with Dr Mark Lee (Subiaco) last week regarding a standard BreastAug. Overall, I'm really happy but have some follow-up questions that I'm unable to ask in person due to living in WA's North and the next teleconference they offer is over a month away😪...I'm wondering if anyone has had Mark Lee do:

-fat grafting (around the implant) to create more natural looking cleavage?

-lower the natural breast fold so that both breasts are at the same height? 

I only ask as the 2nd surgeon I consulted with suggested I may need these things, yet it wasn't mentioned during my measuring with Dr Lee. Now I can't unsee the height variance in my breasts even though it's a cm difference. Please put my mind at ease and tell me that Dr Lee creates symmetry/ perfection on the table🙏 Starting to sound desperate but that's because I've been on this research journey for well over a year now.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences xX




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