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hey lovies. my new youtube video is out! way shorter than the first🙂 enjoy!

1month po rhinoplasty, chin/jaw implant, neck lipo, under eye filler and russian lip technique fillers 👃🏽💋💉


follow me on insta @ myrhinostory_

🥰much appreciated babes!! 



my reason why I choose Dr.Murat~

so I went through several surgeons probably about 50 i asked them questions Dr.Murat stood out because he was very professional, he responded pretty quickly and with details, he responds directly to his patients no assistant to go thru. he answered all my questions I needed then we set up a video consult & after that I felt even more confident about him! I can send you the questions I asked him via video consultation if you want. he has preformed over 15,000 surgeries, has been in the medical field over 20 years and doing noses as a specialist along with other procedures on the face. He is an ENT, a professor and a plastic surgeon he’s always continuing his education, he has a wall of achievements in his office i was impressed by him tbh and he’s so humble. I reached out to multiple of his patients from just recently having surgery, as well as patients from 5 years or more back they all spoke of him very highly and recommended him. his revision rate is less than 3% of his own patients and offers free revision (I believe it’s because he’s confident it won’t be needed anyway) and not to mention his work is gorgeous in my opinion. I will say though I wish he had more pictures but you could ask him to send you more on WhatsApp or his insta, he definitely does more work than he posts. when i was there i told him please post more and he has posted me and another case since i left so i think he’s working on it 🥰

I also got chin/jaw implant, and neck Lipo with him and that was another thing that I was searching for in a surgeon. I wanted somebody to preform these surgeries all oat once with my chin. I went to somebody else to do my lips and under eye filler but that’s because she specialized in Russian technique which I wanted he does regular filler on the lips If I did it again though I would’ve let him do everything when I was under because I trust him and I think I would’ve liked his result better than the other woman I went to for the lips and under eyes






















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