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Too much labia minora taken and damaged perineal area

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Hi guys, I am hoping to get some advice, I had a labiaplasty about 9months ago, there has actually been too much labia taken, there is nothing there to touch or grab or hold apart from at the top which is my clitoris that now looks like a small penis (for lack of a better visual explanation). There is nothing to keep my vaginal wetness in that area because there is no labia minora left really, or it’s flush with my skin and can even pull it out a little bit. I also had to go back about 2 weeks after because a bunch of skin was pushed down ward into my perineal area that looked so horrible, I want back and he cut from the base of my vagina right the way down the perineal area to my Anus. I know have wreaked external anal muscle, scarring in the perineal area no labia minora and the opening of my anus has split slightly and healed that way. Is there anyone that can help me and send me in the right direction. I don’t really know what to do and don’t really want to go back to the surgeon as I really feel he is not capable of fixing this. 

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