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How to check if the implant is original?

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One of my friends is going to undergo a breast implant surgery in Iran.

It seems the procedure in Iran is a little bit different: patients have to buy the implant prescribed by the surgeon and then give it to the doctor for surgery!

My friend has bought a Mentor implant (photo is attached) from a medical company, but when she scans its barcode, no information comes back! She is having doubts about the originality of the implant, and there is no Johnson & Johnson (Mentor) representative in Iran so she can check the implant with them. I have sent an email to Mentor US, but they have not answered it yet.

Does anyone know if this is normal or not (no information is retrieved after scanning the barcode)? Also, does anyone know if there are other Mentor branches in countries near Iran, such as Turkey or European countries that will sell the implant to the patient, so she can by it from them? 


Thanks in advance,



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