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Rhinoplasty with andrew greensmith

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Since I have relied on the reviews of others in choosing my surgeon, I thought I would post my experiences so far.


I was lucky to book an appointment with Andrew Greensmith a week later. I had done further research and realized this was the surgeon I wanted. Andrew is a FRACS  surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasties with over 25 years experience. Additionally, he is a renowned portrait artist whose work has been displayed in National exhibitions. This is the perfect trifecta for someone wanting to undergo a nose job! In my mind I was convinced that Andrew’s work would look natural and in harmony with the rest of my face. This is also the feedback I had read in reviews about him. Therefore, I had a high opinion of him before I even attended the consultation. 

I was really happy with my first interaction with him. He was humble, did not compare himself to other surgeons, did not parade himself and spent adequate time listening to my concerns. I didn’t care how much I would be quoted because I believe that you should trust and be 100% confident in your surgeon despite the costs attached. Differences in cost between surgeons was therefore not a deciding factor for me as I was happy to make an investment in something I’d been wanting for most of my life.

Andrew used a scope to examine my breathing, did a physical exam, took 3D images of my nose and showed me a simulation of the changes he would make. I left with a copy of these images. I booked for surgery on the same day because I felt immediately comfortable with him. 

Two weeks later, after examining my photos even further, and doing my own 2D Facetune surgery, I contacted Lee, his PA, to book a phone consult. She managed to book me in for the following week. 

I should mention that Lee is a great PA and I also felt comfortable with her during our interactions. She was nice about my back and forth emailing and was very obliging.

When Andrew called, he joked about the changes I made to my photos. I outlined further concerns and he was once again patient and a good listener. At the end of the conversation I felt we were both on the same page about what changes he would make to my nose and what he would try to do, which he’d only be able to assess during the surgery. 

My surgery is booked for next month and I’m feeling a nervous excitement and also reassured that I have chosen a good surgeon. 

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How soon after the consultation with greensmith did you have an option to have surgery with his schedule? 2 weeks? I have an appointment for a consult in august but I have to get it done within a month of the consult because of a visa issue. Wondering if that’ll be likely. Thanks.

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