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What size should i go for??


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I went to see the consultant yesterday and decided on 400cc.  im going back again to see him to confirm the size but im not sure. 
im definitely  getting the motiva ergonomix implants.

Whilst there i tried on the 350cc implants and the 450cc   The 450cc i felt was too big for me and the 350cc i thought was ok but was worried i would regret not going a bit bigger so said maybe 400cc as its in the middle but im scared they are going to be too big and im going to look stupid.  Im starting off as an A cup, im 5ft5 and 54kg. I want breast augmentation so i look a bit more proportioned and so i dont feel like i look like a 12 year old boy but at the same time i dont want to look stupid.

any advice  would be great thank you :)


This is the 350cc implantsThis is the 450cc implants

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