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Back after nearly 8 years. BA revision


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Hi everyone, back again after many years.

im wanting a BA revision next year or 2024.
i had my BA done in 2014 in Melbourne. I’ve got 425 xhp textured nagar Silicone. Under muscle. I’m 157cm tall and 60kg. I haven’t had any issues with the implants in this time. So I’m hoping it’ll be a straight forward revision.

I might be getting abit ahead of myself but Im now wanting to start my research again. And thinking of going with a different surgeon this time.

my main reason for wanting the revision is because I want to go bigger. And hopefully go over the muscle because my passion is body building and don’t like how the pec muscles pull the implants apart or if im laying down they fall to the sides and the gap is quite far apart.
I wish my implants would sit closer together even if im standing normally.

Hoping the surgeons I have consults with let me go up to 600. im not scared to go big. I wouldn’t want to feel like I didn’t go big enough. I know when I first had them done I went with the biggest size he had picked for me because I seen so many women on here say they wish they went bigger or had boob greed afterwards.

is it normal for women who’ve had ba revision to go with a different surgeon?

and does anyone have similar stats to me that have got roughly 600?


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I originally had 285cc, didn’t want that size, wanted bigger. Anyways after pregnancy my implants dropped into the breast folds so decided to look around. I asked a bunch of surgeons on quotes and consultations and out of all that, 3 surgeons refused to touch me because they didn’t do the first BA, another said they would but they were asking for a very large amount, and another never got back to me on a quote after asking if I was still interested in the procedure (original surgeon). I tried calling that last one twice. He also said 320cc is as much as he could do.

after all that BS, I got in contact with a surgeon in Thailand. I’m 2 days post op. And I have 350cc. The only pain I really feel is where the incisions are and the drain holes. Already I know the healing process is going to be easier. I’m very happy with my surgeon, his team, and my outcome.

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