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My BA with Dr Szalay

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Hi ladies...

Thought it was about time I shared my story. After feeling like Id waited an eternity I finally had my BA with Dr Szalay last Tuesday. I was first up at 7am, which was an early start driving from the GC with all the early morning traffic. I thought my nerves would be in overdrive on the way up, but I was very calm leading right up till surgery, didn't have any nerves or anything beforehand. I think because I couldn't believe it was actually happening after wanting this for so long, & knowing this was 100% what I wanted I think helped alot.

We got there right on time at 6.45. Hung around a bit till just after 7 where in the meantime I could hear them getting everything ready for my op. Got taken into the pre-op room where the nurse gave me a run down of what would be happening in the next few hours, took my obs & filled out all the final paperwork & got some pre-op pics taken. Then it was time to say goodbye to my mum. The nurse put the drip put in my arm & gave me a bit of sedative which she said would make me feel like I just had a nice glass of wine. Then she gave me a shot of phenergan in the leg which she said would hurt. Holy hell it hurt alright!! I wasn't expecting it to hurt that much, haha. Then it was time to move to the operating room. I was layed down on the bed & explained to what would be happening. At this time I think is when the nerves kicked in!! Haha, the room was so cold & my nerves had taken over & I couldn't stop shaking. One of the nurses put a warming blanket on me, & then the oxygen was put up my nose. Dr Szalay told me he was about to put the betadine on my chest which would be really cold, & made me even more freezing & I was still shaking. I heard Dr S ask one of the nursed to give me some more valium & then that's all I really remember haha.

Before I knew it I was dressed & being woken up by a nurse who was helping me sit up. I was taken into recovery where I was given some cordial & some lollies & dozed on & off for about the next hour & a half my mum said. By about 12 we were out of there. I pretty much slept all the way home, & slept on & off all arvo & watched a bit of TV. I wasn't sick at all which was good. I didn't really experience too much pain either. When we got home my chest was feeling of pressure & tight & kinda like my milk was coming in/ very full feeling, took my meds & that was much better. Kept on top of my meds every 6 hours & had a pretty good recovery I think. I needed a bit of help getting up that arvo & night but was able to get up myself the next morning & go to the toilet & all that myself. Spent the next few days lazing around taking it pretty easy. Stopped my pain meds on day 6 I think & have taken the odd panadol here & there. Overall my experience was great & the recovery was easier than expected.

Sorry for the mile long essay, but just wanted to make sure I covered anything. Any questions just ask & I have a few pics up for anyone interested in having a look :) x

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Hi Tayo83

thankyou so much for your story, at least I know what to expect. I have a consult with Dr.Szalay next Friday.

i only hope the cost is what is on his website?

i am soooo excited I've been waiting yrs for this.


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