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Surgery Booked!

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Hi Ladies,

I am fairly new to this site but have been reading a lot of your posts and finding it very interesting!

I started my research a few months ago after having my 3rd and final baby. I have gone with Dr Mark McGovern from Vie Institute on the Sunshine Coast. I found him to be very professional and loved his work. I have booked my surgery on the 27th November so about a month away. I am going with the McGhan 410 implants. Having 425cc full height/extra projection on the right and 450cc full heigh/extra projection on the left to correct different size/sag i currently have.

I have a 3 year old, 20 months old and 3 month old. Was hoping some other ladies have been in the same situation and could reassure me that i will be ok after the surgery. I have my husband home for 3 weeks after the surgery and then he goes back to work in the mines. My surgeon assures me i will be more than capable of looking after them once my husband goes back to work but im not 100% convinced after reading some stories.

Does anyone have a great list of things i should get for after my surgery? I want to be as prepared as possible!

Also what are the best types of clothes to buy? Im not a huge fan of button up shirts, especially in the middle of summer! And also the same with sports bras? My surgeon has said it will be ok to wear only sports bras for the first 6 weeks but would prefer nothing...

If you can think of anything else i might need to know that would be great! Oh and also if anyone has similar implants to what i am getting would love to see your before and after photos :)

Thanks again!

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My surgery stories.

Q. How was the consultation with the patient?

A. The patient just gave a birth not too long ago and it made her breasts smaller and a little bit droopy. The standard can be set up to 250 cc or we can even go bigger. However, a bigger size would make her breasts look less natural because she's got a thin skin. So it's better to stay with 250cc. Since she has asymmetrical breast, we will match up the size to each other so that much firmer breasts can be achieved.

Q. How are you preceding this surgery?

A. She has asymmetric breasts. As her right breast seems slightly smaller than her left, a 270cc implant will be inserted into the right breast while an implant of 220cc will be inserted to the other side in order to match the size. In terms of bra size, her breasts will be adjusted to full B or C.

refer to this video :)


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