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Breast Revision post op experiences

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Hey everyone,

im going for a breast revision at the end of the month. First time I got them, I was ok with them but knew I would get them done again. Well since then I’ve had baby, and oh my, the weight of the milk coming in was too much.

so now my implants have slipped down into the breast fold. I get slightly painful twinges every now and then. But I thought, what the hell, let’s get them done again.

im travelling to Bangkok as no Australian doctor wants to touch me or they’re charging $15K with the same size implant.

I’d love to know how others went with the post op care. Specifically, was it less painful? And how soon could you drive? Would you pick up a 4 year old, or how much could you tolerate (I.e at least getting them in and out of the car seat)

thanks in advance

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