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Please share your Drop & Fluff stories!!

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Hi ladies

Please share with me your drop & fluff stories... as in how long did it take, did you feel any stretching etc when it was happening??

I am almost 6 weeks post op & have dropped quite a bit (no longer up near my collar bones, sitting just below my armpits) but don't have any lower pole yet, and my pecs are still pretty tight so I don't think I have fluffed yet. I love being strong & fit but really, just hurry up & fluff already lol.

Overall I am loving the size & shape, they look great, but I know they will look bloody fantastic once they drop & fluff haha.

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It took me a good 3 months to even begin to notice any "fluffing" they dropped around 6-8 weeks for me.... Im 5 months out now, and am still fluffing as I've just discovered my bras no longer fit me and are too small. My pecs were really tight also. It will happen!! The waiting killed me to see them fluff haha. Hope this helps :) Xx

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