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My experience with dr Val !

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So it's official, I've crossed I've to booby land! So happy!

I arrived at TCI at 1pm today, and was greeted by the wonderful receptionist( I am so sorry I can't remember her name)

I said goodbye to my boyfriend and she took me into the waiting room and had a chat with me and got me to get changed. I got changed into my sexy operation attire and started watching tv. The nurse come in and took my blood pressure and checked allergies.

After a little while the anaesthetist come in and went through medication then Dr Val come in and took pictures and went through sizes and I got to ask any last minute questions.

Everyone was so lovely! And they all made me laugh.

Not long after I was taken into surgery and everything happened pretty quick after that. They put the cannula in and started strapping me down then the next thing I remember was the nurse putting a cold sticker on my leg and leg massagers and then I remember saying "I'm in heaven" because of how good the massagers felt and that was it. I was awake in recovery.

I don't remember much in there, I remember the nurse kept saying stop moving and shoved a lollipop in my mouth and moved me to a lounge. I felt a bit nauseated on and off so they have me a tablet thing for it and next thing my boyfriend was there and I was on my way home.

everyone in there was absolutely lovey from the moment i stepped in to the moment I stepped out.

ill try and post pics, I'm still abit out of it.

Thankyou to everyone on this forum, you have all been so wonderful!!!!


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You won't go wrong with dr val gonesouth.. Trust me! I would recommend him to anyone that wants to get BA, he's so wonderful!

libby, thankyou.. I've been trying to sleep, I'll get sleepy fall asleep for 10 minutes wake up and be wide awake then get sleepy again. I don't know what's happening. Maybe cos I'm sitting up. Was hopeing the meds would knock me out, but they haven't tonight ):

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