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My consult experience with Dr Val

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Hi ladies :)

I've been MIA lately due to lots of different reasons but wanted to share my consult experience to hopefully help other girls who are about to go for consults or are thinking of using Dr Val :)

I had my consult last Monday and when I arrived at TCI I was welcomed by David and Jess and Jess even came over and had a chat with me and asked how my glandular fever is and how I am feeling. So lovely that she remembers the little details!

When Dr Val was ready for me he came out and welcomed me into his office and my partner also came with me for my consult. Dr Val was so lovely to my partner, Ryan, and told Ryan that even though it's my consult he is more than welcome to ask any questions he'd like also.

Within minutes of sitting and chatting with Dr Val I felt very at ease and knew he was the doctor for me. He is OCD just like me haha, so I knew that I would only receive his best work. And he is also very direct and blunt like me, which is great because neither of us tip-toed around anything we just got straight to it.

Before we went into sizing etc. he had a little questionnaire sheet he asked me questions from about my lifestyle - smoker or non-smoker, medication, job etc. but it didn't feel like awkward questions it was basically just a normal conversation. He asked me what look I had in mind and I showed him two photos and explained what I liked about them both and that I am basically at the weight and look that I will always be and that I just want my curvy lower half to match my top half. After that he had me drop my dress down to my waist and remove my bra and he did a little look over my spine - turns out I have small curvature which no one has ever noticed, not even my physios! He then looked at my breasts and noticed a small size difference but said that it will not be noticeable to need to use different sized implants. He then measured my breasts and told me I have a BWD of 12.1 and had me put a post-op bra on to try the sizers on. He first had me try the different profiles, and encouraged me to try them all on so I could make the most informed decision. XHP looked ridiculous on me so I settled on HP. He then gave me an implant to try which was 390cc and played with the bra to show me how the implant would look and what kind of cleavage it would provide. As I trust Dr Val, he said that this was the biggest implant he would recommend and be happy doing for me, so I am happy with the 390HP we chose.

After that I put my bra and dress back on and we had a chat about absolutely every aspect of the surgery. He is extremely thorough! He decided that because I am more full in breast tissue at the bottom of my breasts but not so much up the top that he would like to do a dual plane placement.

Afterwards he asked if I had any questions but he had already answered them all!! He was very encouraging of emailing or calling if I did think of anything before my surgery and that is what I love about TCI - they are extremely lovely and approachable and have the best patient care.

I am super excited for my February surgery!

I hope my little novel about my consult is helpful. I know I thoroughly enjoy reading long posts from other girls as it's so informative!!

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thank you for writing such an in depth piece about your consultation! i'm also going with TCI (Dr.Ali) so it's nice to know what to expect, it makes me feel more confident that i chose the right place :)

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