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GHT ladies

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Im assuming I can share this here, if not I am ok for it to be edited out.

I recieved a PM from my original case manager via facebook. Unfortunatly, because I didnt realise there was an 'others' folder I only just saw it tonight. In it she said that she had quit GHT, along with another lady due to bullying in the office. I know there are a lot of rumours about what was going on. I had wondered if she'd gotten fired over my surgery getting cancelled. Anyway she also said to expect a message from GHT saying her and the other lady had been fired, but they we actually starting their own medical tourism business. The only message I have had from GHT is one from some new lady saying she is my case manager and she'd organise my follow with DR Nond.

And I sent in my glowing testimonial today....

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