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URGENT anyone who got there ba at bagkok hospital phuket ????

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Hi guys

I have left everything to the last minute and have just realized i need my birth certificate which is no where to be found.....

i leave for thailand tonight so dont really have much time to organise another copy

do you know if it is mandatory to have your birth certificate? (i have asked my co ordinator and he hasnt replied yet and dont have much time to wait around for his reply)

any info would be greatly appreciated

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i just got a reply from the hospital

and for anyone who would like to know you DO need your birth cert aswell as your passport....

Wow that's strange as I only had to show then my passport but I'm guessing are u under 21? As I'm thinking that may be why they asking for your birth cert too but still a little weird as passport should suffice to ensure your age etc

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