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Holy Grail! Sweet hit + keep bowel moving

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So I've read plenty of you posting about how the post-op meds make you backed up for days after surgery. And with that I've heard plenty of tips as to how to prevent this. ie laxatives. but some of you prefer natural methods ie. dried apricots, drinking water, eating fibre. I came across the 'licorette pastels' at the shop. (you will find them in a little black box next to the 'jols fruit pastels' they r like $1) I scoffed down the whole pack before flipping it over to read the ingredients list to see how many carbs I just consumed. To my delight the contain no fat, no sugar, no carbs AND 11g of fibre per box! So im really excited because im always looking to up my fibre intake and lessen my carbs (trying to loose a few kg's here). I like to keep things moving but don't like the carbs associated with most fibre packed food. These are almost equivalent to eating a bowl of All Bran but without the carbs and I actually enjoy eating them . no bloat and I get my sweet hit without sugar. I sound like I work for them or something lol but im so excited and had to share they will be permanently etched onto my shopping list now. Ha. Share your tips if u have any holy grails =)

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