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REVIEW : my story of TT & BA 21/10/13 by Dr Georgina Konrat Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic

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Had my surgery 12 weeks ago and I am so happy! I waited 18 yrs for it and am so pleased I finally got it done, and im absolutely wrapt I got the best surgeon!! Dr Georgina Konrat is amazing, she is professional yet down to earth, and really listens to what you want to achieve, her staff are perfection, Molly the RN is a darling, honestly they made the whole experience from start to finish the best of my life, calming any fears I had, answering all and any of the millions of questions I had, the staff at the hospital were so great I had 3 nurses tend my every need. when I went home I had 24hr mobile service on call. nothing was too much trouble!. I had 4-5 days of med pain and then I was up and around with a stiff middle but generally ok, so If anyone needs to know about times, I would say go back to work (desk job) 10 days. I was honestly in very little pain, after 5 days I was on no pain med and getting round fine. My boobs are a 8 DD I went bra shopping on the weekend and my stomach is too pretty, I was thin anyway I just had massive skin from being a size 24 down to 8 and having 2x 10 1/2pd baby's plus a third 8pds. so now without the skin I look fricken amazing.THE scar is very fine, is red very flat and hides easily under a g string. WAS WORTH EVERY FRICKEN CENT. I got a loan thru mac credit was approved & in my acc in 4 days. BEST EXPERIANCE EVER... READY TO START MY NEW LIFE WITH MY FANTASTIC BODY. THANKS TO DR GEORGINA KONRAT AND HER FABULOUS STAFF

NB I originally posted this in the general accidentally and can't fig out how to move it, so copy pasted to the more appropriate forum lol



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