How long will it take for my lip flip to wear off

I've recently had a lip flip which I hate so much. My filthrum has lengthened and my bottom lip sucks up into the top lip...its a horrible look. I'm wondering does this treatment wear off sooner than other areas as its a smaller amount of botox used. Is there more

Peachesandmeme 08/12/2019 WA

No surgeon answers

Swollen Face Dermal Filler - Help pls !!

Just looking for some advice even though I'm into my 4th day of a 4 wk course of ciprofloxacin. I had dermal fillers injected over three months ago, both sides of mouth and cheeks. My face began to swell 2 wks ago and the swelling moves around daily. At more

Joa 15/04/2018 VIC

No surgeon answers

jaw slimming

how long do the results of jaw slimming with botox last? i hate my jaw and heard you can use botox to slim your face?

monicaa 24/04/2017 VIC

No surgeon answers

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