What is breast implant removal?

Breast implant surgery places breast implants under the breast in order to enlarge, or improve the shape of the breasts.

Most women who have breast implants will eventually have a breast implant revision procedure. This most commonly removes the implants and replaces them with new implants, although it can also be a repositioning of existing implants, or removal without replacement.

Some women also opt for breast implant removal as a personal choice. If a patient has had complications of breast implants, their surgeons may occasionally recommend removal of the implants without immediate replacement, especially if infection is present, suspected to be present, or there is a persistent capsular contracture.

Who is it for?

There are many reasons why a breast implant removal procedure may be needed, or wanted. Some of the more common reasons include:

Implant complications:
implant rupture, folding or deflation, if saline filled.

Personal choice:
the patient may feel their implants are the wrong size, shape or have moved in to the wrong position overtime from weight gain, weight loss or pregnancies. 

Other complications:
capsular contracture, asymmetry, displacement, tension bands, silicone leakage or infection.

How is it done?

Breast implant removal usually reuses the original incisions the patient had for the initial implant surgery.

The method of implant revision will depend on your anatomy and your surgeon's recommendation. It may or may not require removal of the capsule. Implant removal is usually quite a simple operation, unless the implants are ruptured, which could make the surgery more complicated. An implant revision operation, where the old implants are removed because of complications and there is replacement, can sometimes be a more complex operation.

Key facts


  • Implant removal is common, and there are many reasons why it is considered.

  • Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. Future surgeries may be required to replace or remove one or both implants through a revision procedure.

Important to know

So you can make an informed decision, your elected surgeon will discuss the possible risks associated with breast implant surgery. Although the majority of patients do not experience these complications, it's important to understand how they can be managed in the event that they occur.

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Mr Mark Hanikeri

Mark Hanikeri

6 Reviews

Plastic Surgeon
Western Australia, Australia

Ariste Crews1 March 14th, 2017

I had Breast Implants for many years and last year it was found that they had ruptured. I was given some names of Plastic Surgeons which I checked out on line. I decided on Mr Mark Hanikeri and I am so over the moon that I did. He is professional, compassionate and caring. Mark and I had an in-depth discussion covering the operation, replacement implants and after care requirements. Bethesda Hospital was great. I am so happy with the result. Mark is my choice for any future plastic surgery
 Shagun Aggarwal

Shagun Aggarwal

4 Reviews

Plastic Surgeon
New South Wales, Australia

Bev Young May 2nd, 2017

I had implants which had been in situ for 35 years. I had gained weight and my breasts had become very uncomfortable ie should problems back aches etc. I attended Dr Shagun Aggarwal's rooms and from the first contact I knew he was the man to perform my reduction. He was a quiet intelligent man who went through every nuance that I could expect from the prodcedure. I had the surgery and stayed in hospital the required time. Dr Aggarwal saw me regularly. I am over the moon with the result. I fell lighter and more able to enjoy life now although I know that might sound silly but my heavy breasts had caused more than just a physical impediment in my life. It was a huge mental burden lifted for me. I am forever grateful to Dr Aggarwal and would recommend him to any woman who needs assistance with any cosmetic procedure.


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