Breast reconstruction and breast implants

Hi, I have tubular breasts. I have found that Medicare and private health both cover breast surgeries to correct this. I can't get my head around how it works. If I am going private but with Medicare cover aswell how much will I be out of pocket. more

Amy.88 18/08/2016 NSW

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Auto augmentation

I am considering a breast reduction from a 34F to 34C. My breasts are very heavy and droopy and so the surgeon said he would lift them at the same time. Is it possibly to use the breast tissue from the bottom of the breast which is being removed and locate it more

quicksilverdas 22/06/2016 WA

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I'm not sure what procedure I require?

I had a breast lift over 10 years ago and I am left with a mess. The scaring is incredibly noticeable. One nipple is bigger than the other. The areola area is uneven on both side. One side sits higher then the other. I also require breast implants due to more

Sophie Coco 24/01/2016 QLD

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Breast reduction/Lift & Augmentation before having children

I would just like to get an overall opinion on whether it is better to wait until after having children before having a breast lift, reduction and augmentation? I am 25, recommended by PS to have a BR, BL & BA in my right breast (only) due to asymmetry. I more

TashGR 01/12/2015 NSW

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