Cancer scar

I had 3 basal cell carcinoma removed from my centre parting. I have a scar running down my forehead and into my hairline which has left me with a bald patch. I am only 33 years of age and very embarrassed by this scar. Can it be removed? Can the bald patch be more

Rach8 05/09/2016 QLD

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Please help me: Hair transplant post endoscopic brow lift

I had endoscopic brow lift 5 weeks ago. Am very happy with it. However I am just very worried and self conscious of my receding hairline. It was perfect previously. Please please can you help me with options available please Regaine? If it doesn't work more

Deedee333 31/10/2015 QLD

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Does hair transplant work?

I am a 39 female I just had my endoscopic brow lift. My previous forehead was 6.5cm and now 7-7.5 cm. Theres still some swelling so I won't go ahead unless in 3 months still bad However i have abit of bitemporal hair recession What is the best approach to more

Deedee333 30/09/2015 QLD

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Brow lift, blepharoplasty

just a question please what do u mean by keeping dermal? i am having mine done in 2 weeks n quite nervous but excited with the excision line does it increase your hairline and is it that obvious? how long does the bruise & swelling last for the brow more

Deedee333 19/09/2015 QLD

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