Dr. Raymond Goh

Raymond Goh

3 Reviews

Plastic Surgeon
Queensland, Australia

June 21st, 2018

Chin Implants

I highly recommend seeing Dr Goh after having a sliding genioplasty to help with my weak chin. I am very pleased with my results. Dr Goh was very confident which was reasurring, he made me feel very comfortable and had answers to all my random questions. The staff at Valley plastic surgery were all helpful and friendly.
Dr. Alex Phoon

Alex Phoon

69 Reviews

Plastic Surgeon
New South Wales, Australia

a.a July 19th, 2016

Chin Implants, Rhinoplasty

3 months ago I underwent an open rhinoplasty and chin augmentation (silicone implant) with Dr Phoon. Since the first consultation this has been such a smooth and reassuring process and I'm so extremely happy with the result! I previously had quite a prominent hump and hooked/downward-facing tip as well as a receded chin, so was very conscious of my face in profile - but that's no longer case. The result is natural-looking and balanced, and matches the simulated result (from the initial consultation) very well! Dr Phoon was professional, clear and thorough with explaining the whole process to me, and so approachable throughout. He encouraged me to ask questions and was always very responsive to emails. Rhinoplasty is such a fine and tricky procedure and he's done it amazingly, and the chin implant is just the right size and shape. I would certainly recommend him for both his surgical skill and professional, friendly manner.
Mr Guy Watts

Guy Watts

35 Reviews

Plastic Surgeon
Western Australia, Australia

Damo_97 June 17th, 2016

Chin Implants

I first met Dr Watts when I transferred from a children hospital to a adult hospital system at the age of 18. We discussed the issues surrounding my health, the cause and problem that had arisen with my juvenile arthritis as I grew. During this time the urgency for surgery to be done on my jaw was clear, firstly Dr Watts liaised with Dr Gillett and my orthodontist Dr Wholley about braces and wisdom teeth removal. As time moved forward I had x-rays and molds to help map out how my teeth were going and how the surgery would be conducted. Dates and times were the set for June of 2016 and appointments became regular. The surgery completed was a lower jaw extension with a chin point extension, as well as the top-mid section of my upper jaw lowered. The procedure went very well, I awoke with minimal pain. There was a lot of swelling due to the process completed on my jaw. Recovery was about 5 days in hospital, a liquid diet for 6 weeks. A splint was inserted into the upper area of my mouth to help hold the top part together. The surgery was completed and was planned using a 3-dimensional technological system, which mapped out my face and help the surgeon out. The splint was removed after 6 weeks, which allowed me to be able to eat soft mushy food. I felt that the surgery was done in a very professional manner and exceeds my expectations. Once the swelling disappeared I was amazed at the end result. The work done by Dr Watts and his team with Dr Gillett and orthodontist Dr Wholley and his team was exceptional. The surgery was well planned and they were very professional and friendly through-out the entire process. I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Watts, Dr Gillett and Dr Wholley for the work that they have produced on my jaw. Also for the opportunity to have a healthy life. This has also got my life back on track and has helped with being able to have the confidence to go out and be part of the larger community.
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