Can you get tattoo laser removal done after fillers and botox

I am newbie I'm looking at getting cheeks lips and frown lines done I have spoken with 2 reputable Dr in my town and both are giving conflicting information, one says you have to get tattoo laser removal done first then wait 2 weeks and the other is saying more

Anonymous 26/07/2020 NSW

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Restylane Lift Lip Fillers

First time getting .5 syringe in upper/lower lips no problems. Second time getting lips filled with same filler(restylane lift) with 1 full syringe and for the past month 4 times total, I’m getting a red ring only on upper lip in middle of the lip. It’ more

Anonymous 08/07/2020 WA

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Can filler correct facial asymmetry?

I'm looking for someone who is confident at injecting filler into cheeks and nose. I have read multiple accounts of the dangers of the nasal area and would like someone who not only knows how to minimise risk but also has a fine eye to create a harmonic more

Anonymous 07/06/2019 NSW

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Is it safe to have lip fillers if you have a lip piercing?

I had lip fillers before i got my Verticle lip piercing. I’ve just booked in for more in July! I’m just wondering if having my lip piercing would effect the lip fillers in anyway? Also, would it be ok to take the piercing out before the fillers then put more

shannonloux 01/05/2018 Australia

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scar revision for piercing on top lip

hello! i am looking to get the incision procedure for a blunt trauma scar on my top lip. im finding it hard to find a good surgeon.

Anonymous 20/03/2018 NSW

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Lip fillers

I have been receiving conflicting information about the best lip filler products. Is Juvadem Ultra Plus or Princess Gold better? I want something thick and lasts the longest. Please help

Addie 01/06/2017 NSW

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lip augmentation

I really want to get my lips done but i have heard some real horror stories - is it possible to remove the filler if you dont like it and how long will my results last? is there a benefit in seeing a plastic surgeon for fillers over a cosmetic nurse injector? more

monicaa 24/04/2017 VIC

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