Recommendations doubts

I want to go toThailand to do a mummy makeover,I sent all info in regards to asses and have been told I also need a breast lift and extended tummy tuck.I have done some research and looked at before and after pics of others and some that have had fairly more

Anonymous 22/02/2024 NSW

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Abdominal Scar revision or apronectomy & BA or BA+ lift

I am 40 years old considering a mummy makeover. Ideally I would like to achieve fuller more symmetrical, perkier breasts. My question is if I had a lift alone would my breasts then look fuller albeit smaller or Is BA the only way of achieving fullness. If I more

Anon 03/01/2024 QLD

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How much for this procedure

I need lipo, breast lift, tummy, eyes,

Kay sargentson 24/10/2023 NSW

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QLD Mummy Makeover

Im a Mum of 3, youngest being 10 months old! I have muscle separation and all the other great stuff - apron, love handles etc. Can anybody advise if Medicare still rebate for BA or TT? I was going to go overseas for it but my partner doesn't want me to, so we more

CM83 28/08/2023 QLD

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Breast reduction & BA

Hi there i have big breast that are 2 different sizes and rather saggy. Is it possible to get All of my natural breast tissue out and cut off saggy skin and just have breast implants in to have them more perky? If so what would this be called? I dont want a more

MysticalM 08/04/2024 WA

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"Designer vagina"

Do any of the surgeons offer surgery for vagina tightening and labiaplasty??

Kiddies 01/08/2023 NSW

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Point Me In The Right Direction

I have lost approximately 15kg and have another 10-15kg to lose. What sort of TT would I be looking at? I also want to get a BA/BL done before the end of the year to regain the fullness after two pregnancies.

Maine81 06/06/2024 NSW

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Feeling like im a lost cause

Hi there, I have been contemplating a mummy makeover, but I am really concerned that my body is just too far gone and so the surgeries wont beckon me the results i desire. I am 25 years old now and birthed my third and final beautiful child a few weeks ago. more

jadesc 01/04/2024 NSW

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I am after the number one mummy makeover surgeon in Queensland?

I have had medical issues in the last few years which is now sorted. I had an avn brain bleed plus paralysed vocal cords which is now sorted. Am I able to have surgery with my medical history?

tessa72 02/02/2024 QLD

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Brisbane surgeons

In your opinion who would be the best surgeon in Brisbane to do a BL,BA,TT? I thought I had decided on a surgeon on the GC but I'm not sure now... No particular reason at all. Just think I need to keep my options open.

Jen Mc 16/11/2023 QLD

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